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Birth of the National Moroccan Press

Abderraouf Hajji


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March 2nd, 2005. Abderraouf Hajji

Table of Contents

I. Major milestones in the life of Said Hajji
1. Autobiographical Essays
Memories of my early childhood
Recollections as a young boy
Recollections of my youth
2. Biographical Essays
Said Hajji's life in profile
Patriotism across generations
3. Family environment
4. Professional and political environment
II. Selections of political, cultural and journalistic writings by Said
5. Reflections on the literary role and the philosophical concepts of knowledge
Literature; Objectives and Horizons
Human Knowledge
6. Two towering poets of Arabic literature: Al Mutanabbi and Al Akkad
One hour in the company of Al Mutanabbi
Interview with Abbas Mahmoud Al Akkad
The Heart and Soul of Works by Al Akkad
7. Will Egyptian literary leadership last forever?
8. Cultural progress between stagnation and renewal
The Role of Moroccan Literature
An appeal for the resurgence of Moroccan literary activity
Strengths and weaknesses of Moroccan Writings
The Evolution and Manifestations of Weakness
Past Influences
Current Weaknesses
Unsettled Issues for Future Direction
Literary Critique
9. Controversy over the article "Heedless Youth"
Heedless Youth
Discourse on a summer evening
Moroccan youth in the face of productivity
Who is this heedless youth?
10. A look at golden chapters in Moroccan history
Moroccan contributions to Islamic civilization
Morocco on the Footsteps of its Heroes
Hassan Al Wazzan aka Leo Africanus
His epoch.
His Life
His publications
Contemporary Moroccan publications
An introduction to the book "Al Qirtas"
A Tale of Two Cities
Great nations and little states
11. Social discourse
Social reform
Stagnation and its effect on the Moroccan crisis
Morocco amid feast and famine
Moroccan peasants faced with the scourge of drought
The need to protect Moroccan peasants against deflation
The peasant at the mercy of the authorities
The nightmare of injustice
So... When?
Is there someone who will come to our rescue?
Scenes of misery; a nation in starvation
A crisis worthy of dark times
The Museum of the Middle Ages
20 Centuries in 20 Days
A people who ignore their country
The idols of Kaaba and Morocco
No Legal Rights for Moroccans at Home
The Greed of the Rich
12. Crises in Education
Education policy or contempt?
During the time of examinations
Outcomes from Examinations
Examinations at the Karaouiyine
The Karaouiyine Diploma
Specialization at the Moroccan University
The missing link for our cultural rebirth
Where goes the Moroccan University?
Our need for fertilization
Words and their significance
Can we do without Middle Eastern instructors?
100 million francs invested in the Al Azhar University
13. Student Issues
Enough talk, aid to the students
Our Duty With Respect to the Student Conference
On the Postponement of the Student Conference
Women's role in Moroccan society
The creation of education and employment centers for young women
14. Morocco facing up to its historical challenges
Excerpts from Said Hajji's memos
Evolution of Moroccan patriotism
Energetic Surge of Moroccan Nationalism
The origins of the Moroccan Petition for Redress
The first three years of the Berber crisis
On the occasion of May 16
May 16
The Moroccan Mountains Conference and the Berber Policy
On Moroccan development; the tasks for the nation and for the government
Morocco's progress
The Nation's Duty
The responsibilities of the government
Missions and Associations
The public relations movement in support of Moroccan aspirations
The rise of patriotism
Support for the Moroccan Cause Abroad
A right can not be used against its supporters
15. Support for a free national press
Our thirst for freedom
Civil liberties
How to get access to a free press
Goals and Guidelines for the "Al Maghrib" Newspaper
Freedom of Speech
Absence of Civil Liberties
The integrity of Moroccan nationalism
Does the Moroccan press fulfill its mission?
What is on the minds of our readers?
A first commentary
16. Policy for dialogue and cooperation
Franco-Moroccan relations
On one condition
A word
A policy for dialogue
We want reforms!
French Minister Ramadier's announcement
Be neither optimist or pessimist; just wait and see
Report on the state of affairs in Morocco
17. What have we gained during the course of recent international events?
Moroccan responsibilities after the devaluation of the French franc
Exploiting an exceptional opportunity
What have we gained from the war?
18. Literary conferences, a tool for awareness
Morocco as seen by the Arab Middle East
An Ancient Tradition; the Sultan of the Tolbas
Opposing Forces
19. Miscellaneous essays
Today like yesterday
The Spirit of Mohammed Hassar
Gandhi and a nation's destiny
Youth, listen well
20. Light-hearted digressions
Love and friendship
Love and Beauty
One Hour of Song
21. Excerpts from Said's writings
22. Selected letters
Personal correspondence
Letter to his brother Abderrahman
From Number 25 to Number 75
Correspondence letters from Kacem Zhiri
Between the heart and the mind.
Excerpts from Said's letters taken from "Memoirs" by Abou Bakr Kadiri
Letter from Mohamed Bahnini to Said Hajji
Letter from Said and Abdelkrim Hajji to the Salé Literary Club
Communiques related to the Riffian Heroes
Administrative communiques; fallout to this letter
Terasse Report on Nablus University
Request for Authorization to go Abroad after May 16, 1930
Letter Exchange between the Moroccan Missions in the Middle East
Letters from the Moroccan Mission in Cairo
Letter exchanges with the Moroccan Mission in Nablus
Communications between the Student Chapter from Salé and leaders of the National Movement
Ahmed Balafrej's letter to the Salé student contingent in Beirut
Letters exchanged with Abou Bakr Kadiri
Letters signed by Ahmed Maaninou
Letter from Hachmi Filali
From Said Hajji to Omar ben Abdeljalil
Letters on matters associated with the national press
Exchange with Allal Al Fassi
Mekki Naciri's letter to Said
Letters to Abdallah Guennoun
Letters addressing cultural matters
Letter Exchanges with Ahmed Bahnini
January 8, 1936 letter addressed by Allal El Fassi to Said Hajji
Letter to Said Hajji from Abdelkrim Ghallab
Letters related to Said's Moroccan Publishing Company
Correspondence with Hachmi Filali
Letters exchanged between Ahmed Hassan Ziyat and Said Hajji
Letter from Said to Mekki Naciri
Communications involving the French Authorities
Letter of protest concerning the refusal of authorising the publication of a cultural review
Letter reiterating the request for the authorization to publish a cultural review
"Request by a suspect for renewal of his passport"
Letters of a political nature
Letter to Said on behalf of the Reformist Party by Tayeb Bennouna
Letter to Abdelkrim Hajji in New York by Allal Al Fassi
III. Testimonials of his contemporaries and their critique of his writings
23. The loss of Said at age 30
A major tragedy
Communique from the Association of Professional Moroccan Journalists
Commemoration on the 40th day after the loss of Said Hajji
Our duty in honor of Said
Said Hajji and the various stages of his life.
The death of worthy men is a great calamity
An adult amongst the young
A sincere friendship with Said
Said in the hands of Allah
Scenes of sorrow
Sympathies of a Lebanese friend
Sleep before the Almighty
The death of our youth is a wake up call
Beside the Almighty
Said amid two worlds
Said and the printing house
24. Special Edition of Al Maghrib commemorating the first anniversary of Said's death
In memory of Said
To Said's soul
Reflections on a commemoration
Said's distinguishing attributes
Said, a role model to follow
Commemoration of Said
The Said I knew
Said's Character
Memories of the past
Said, His silent campaign
25. Commemorative articles
Said's death, a loss for Morocco and its youth
When the wind blows
No future without memory
A chestful of memories
Sixty years after the loss of Said
For sixty years Saïd Hajji passed away
26. The return to circulation of the "Taqafa" review
Our direction
Our "Taqafa" in support of culture
The "Al Tafaqa Al Maghribia" review at a crossroad
27. The reappearance of the "Al Maghrib" after 8 years in obscurity
The re-emergence of "Al Maghrib"
Rebirth of a project
28. Study on the newspaper "Al Maghrib" of its founder Said Hajji
General introduction
The plight of traditional teaching and of education as a whole
Cultural news from articles published in "Al Maghrib"
The promotion of publications and literary critique
The Palestinian crisis
The national press and the Palestinian crisis
The status of the Moroccan Jews during the Protectorate
Miscellaneous news articles of symbolic note
IV. Appendices
29. Said Hajji: Founder of the Moroccan National Press in Arabic
30. Key moments of an ephemeral life
31. Homage to Abdelkrim Hajji by the Istiqlal Party
32. A round table panel in March 2003 on the national movement in Sale
Abou Bakr Kadiri's address at the opening session
Presentation of the Roundtable Agenda by the Institute of Scientific Research
Roundtable Agenda
The effectiveness (impact) of the cultural activities of the National Movement of Salé
"Birth of the Moroccan National Press"
Interveiw of the author, Abderraouf Hajjji, by the Al Ittihad al Ichtiraki newspaper
33. The missing link in the history of the national movement
34. The Berber Decree
Text of the May 16, 1930 Decree
Reflections on the Berber Issue
35. The List of Demands Document
36. Activities of the Assembly for National Action
The first conference of the Assembly for National Action on October 25, 1936
The Meetings of the Assembly for National Action
What they said, what they were thinking
Article from "Socialist Morocco"
Article from the newspaper "Progrès de Fès" (Progress in Fez)
37. Activities of the National Party
The First Conference of the National Party, October 13, 1937
Assessment of the Political Situation
The National Pact
Demonstrations and the escalation of repression
38. Excerpts from various writings
Drought and the economic crisis of the 1930s
The political parties of Morocco
Jews and Moslems in Morocco (1859-1948)
39. The Hajji family under the watchful eye of the intelligence services

Raouf Hajji